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Architecture is Art. And like many other art forms, creativity stands at the forefront of good architectural art. Architectural Vision is a perfect example of how bringing together creative ideas and visions, produces an interior that is not only elegant but also functional. The room utilizes the Art Deco design, represented by luxury, glamour, and exuberance, combining modern styles with fine craftsmanship and rich materials.

One of the most distinct styles of the Art Deco movement is the Streamline Moderne design which emphasizes soft curving forms and long horizontal lines. This same design style is used on the luxurious York Sofas and Chairs. With brushed brass legs and cream bouclé upholstery and accompanied with four square throw cushions, the York designer furniture offers utmost comfort for any kind of leisure activity. And for those nights when the temperature drops and it gets chilly, a comfy blanket to curl up into would surely become a welcome addition to your living room. The Alaska Plaid features a simple super soft textured white faux fur fabric that blends in with the existing color palette but also gives the room a casual, lived-in look.

The seating arrangement’s center is occupied by the Tricolori coffee table, which does not only offer utility but also introduces a nice contrasting element to the room. It has a very unique design with its combination of different materials and forms. The distinct base is shaped like a cube, cone, and ball in brushed copper finish, and the round faux marble top features three different colors that beautifully complete the unit. A truly distinct and superb design guaranteed to become an eye-catching addition to your room. To make sure that your refreshments are never out of reach, Home Story incorporated a hint of Hollywood Regency with the glamorous Turino Side Table into the room. As one-quarter of the tabletop has been cut, it allows the side table to seamlessly connect to your sofa or armchair. The tabletop comprises quarter parts of black and white marble and has a metal rim and legs with a brushed brass finish.

To make this room really come to life an extravagant lighting scheme is used in the form of the luxurious Amazone Chandelier. Sophisticated and lustrous, this chandelier comprises smoke glass plates that hang from different tiers, capturing and refracting light to create dramatic patterns on surrounding surfaces. The atmospheric light in the room is further supplemented by the Newman Table Lamp, which offers its own unique dramatic light, to complement the already existing light scheme. Its base consists of an octagonal pillar structure in black marble, with antique brass details, completed to perfection by a fabulous circular black lampshade with gold lining. In addition, the strategically placed Shadow Floor Lamps help create focal points in your lounge. Characterized by a strikingly sleek design, these imposing upright light fixtures featuring a vintage brass finish boast a unique look in the world of Eichholtz lighting products.