Modern Comfort

With the flick of a switch, the luxurious Ruby Chandelier with its enticing 10-light luminaire, reveals the Modern Comfort, an interior design that utilizes the eye-catching characteristic of black paraphernalia like the Caselli Columns, to create points of interest on a backdrop of cascading hues of white-colored designer furniture.

The Ruby Chandelier showcases a tapered two-tiered design with rows of ribbed smoke glass and a glossy nickel finish. While impressive on its own, the chandelier combined with several larger and smaller sizes, hanging at different lengths, to create a glamorous and contemporary aesthetic.

Invigorate the ambiance of your room with the help of Home Story’s wide assortment of Eichholtz lighting products. Grant your room a mid-century modern look with the help of the Flair Table Lamp and the Coyote Floor Lamp. Placed strategically across the rooms the warm light of these lamps helps soften the edges of the interior and creates a homely and cozy atmosphere. In addition, the Valentine Wall Lamps, when utilized with the other types of light sources as part of a layered lighting scheme, provide a perfect mixture of a strong and soft intensity of light.

Relax during your leisure activities on the comfy Clifford sofa, with its crisp Avalon white upholstery and striking black feet, it offers all the comfort that one needs. It also offers versatility, as you can combine it with a Clifford Corner Sofa or an Ottoman to create many different seating arrangements. The stark white color of the Clifford furniture is diffused by the darker shade of the hand-woven Crown carpet. With its raised waffle pattern, this lovely low-pile rug creates a subtle two-tone textured spot on your floor.

The Naples 3-piece coffee table is a great complement to the rest of your room. Keeping with the theme of modern aesthetics, its white Honed Carrera marble and its ability to be easily arranged in many different configurations depending on your needs, makes it an ideal fit for any household.

To complete the seating area, the ends of the sofas are accompanied by Pompano side tables designed in a seventies-style shape. The Pompano tables, are also crafted from solid Italian Carrara marble and come in two different sizes, which can be combined to create interesting sets further adding an element of variety to the room.

Create a memorable dining experience for your guests by showing off your favorite silverware against the charcoal backdrop of the round oak veneered Melchior Table. When paired with the Bouclé cream Cooper dining chairs, this table, with a beautiful herringbone pattern marquetry and hourglass-shaped base with a bronze finish, further contributes to a stunning mid-century look of your décor. To make your dining area really come to life, adequate lightning is provided by the wonderful Randall Chandelier. This bronze finish 3-ring pendant chandelier with its integrated LED lights beautifully disperses light through the crystal glass decorations highlighting the contrasting colors of your monochromatic furnishings and contributing to a higher degree of elegance and gracefulness to your room.