Rhapsody Room


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For those who have gotten tired of their old interior decor and are ready to explore more fun, creative and up-to-date interior designs, we present to you the Rhapsody Room. This mid-century modern style adds character via abstract prints, patterns, and art, while allowing far greater degree of freedom compared to minimalist or traditional interiors.

The Rhapsody Room is designed to be inviting, comfortable, and have a cozy atmosphere. Whether you’re cuddled on the Mondial and Cesare sofas to watch a movie, hunkered down on the Vauclair desk to finish leftover work obligations, or gathered around the Agoura coffee table to spend time with friends, this perfect assortment of designer furniture will enable you to engage in any activity in the appropriate ambience.

The contemporary Mondial sofas feature a granite grey upholstery and a loose back cushion, providing optimal comfort. They can be further combined with the lounge variations and Mondial Armrests to create the perfect seating arrangement for you. The living room is further completed with the Cesare sofa, inspired by the classic Chesterfield furniture, this Lounge Sofa in granite grey offers a more subtle button-back design, gently curving with straight-line embroidered stitching.

The ribbed tabletop of the Agoura Coffee Table has rounded corners and features a brass finish, which contrasts beautifully with the sturdy black finished frame. Crafted to the highest standards using mahogany wood and aluminum, this simple yet striking design is an ideal addition to any mid-century modern interior.

And for those nights when you need to bring business matters to your home, the smooth and sleek Vauclair desk acts as a superb work station. It features a thick clear glass tabletop resting on a metal trellis with a brushed brass finish and a solid black base. In addition, the Coyote Table Lamp, featuring a dome-shaped lampshade in gold finish and black tapered legs grants your décor a stylish look while simultaneously softening the edges of your workspace, helping you focus and decreasing the strain on your eyes.

Despite the alluring comfort of the seating area of Eichholtz furnishings, the most eye-catching feature of the Rhapsody room has to be the Cassini and Fusion chandeliers. Reminiscent of planetarian rings, the design of the Cassini Chandelier makes a radiant focal point in your home interior. Characterized by four metal rings with an antique brass finish which can be rotated individually to adjust the light in order of your preference.

Further contributing to your rooms modern look, the futuristic design of the Fusion Chandelier appears as a representative of one of the most popular modern art movements, cubism. Combining innovative modern minimalist design with a brass finish, this airy pendant ceiling lamp with integrated LED lights offers contemporary lighting that will make the rest of your room really come to life.

To fill out the empty space of your living room Home Story determined that the Lagonda cabinet with its compelling modern geometric design perfectly match for the mid-century modern aesthetic. While it can be a challenge to incorporate your favorite accessories in a natural and non-intrusive manner, thanks to the clean and open design of the Lagonda Cabinet, and its brushed brass finish, your favorite books, ornaments and memorabilia receive the perfect backdrop to showcase their particular characteristic.