Madison Avenue

Upon entry into Madison Avenue, one is immediately welcomed by an interior that doesn’t shy away from its Art Deco roots. With clean and simple design patterns, and a subdued palette of whites, greys, and black colors used to blend with the texture and form of the designer furniture, this room achieves a stylish and elegant appearance, while simultaneously preserving a homely ambiance.

First impressions do count, big and bold choices of furniture are memorable and make a great impact. Accordingly, the Laguna Wall Object, handmade by skilled artisans with mirror glass wall decoration in antique silver, fits that description perfectly with its sheer size and striking luster, this piece is guaranteed to become the focal point of any room. Similarly, the glamorous Vancouver Chandelier with its attractive border of cut crystal glass adds an extra dimension to the light of your room and acts as a stunning eye-catcher. .

Madison Avenue

In the event where the Vancouver Chandeliers don’t quite match your present mood, the room is furnished with other lighting sources, offering moody, directional and specific light to suit your frame of mind. For example, The Titan Table Lamp with a rounded black lampshade and faceted base of crystal glass, together with the Vertigo Floor Lamp with adjustable legs and tiltable lampshade, help create a unique and distinctive lighting solution. Furthermore, the Dorrell Floor Lamp fits nicely in the corners of your room, with a beautiful bowl-shaped lampshade and frosted glass base this lamp diffuses a warm light throughout the space.

Every piece of Eichholtz furniture has a role in this arrangement, and the Edmond Sofa’s role is to complete the monochromatic palette of the room, which it does well against the dynamic lightning, tonal variations, and contrasts used to maintain the viewer’s visual interest. Upholstered in a Savona grey fabric that makes you want to reach out and touch it, the two sofas combined with the Edmond Chairs and luxurious black velvet cover Roach Pillows, create comfortable spots to curl up and enjoy your time with a good book. The seating arrangement is accompanied by matching side tables in the form of Cocktail and Puglia Side Tables, whose tops provide suitable positions for additional décors, such as lamps or flowers.

Madison Avenue

If the articles so far were not enough to leave a lasting impression on your visitors then the Aventura coffee table will surely make for a good conversation starter. Truly modern and unique, this coffee table comprises a triangular glass top with rounded corners and a peculiar wavy bronze finish base, deserving a spot in the center of your living room.

To fill the empty space and provide the right place for your favorite books, DVDs, and other paraphernalia, Home Story decided to go with the Geo Cabinets. The reason for this decision lies in its design, simple and spacious it offers plenty of storage and functionality without making it feel overwhelmingly cluttered. As for the wall decor, the room makes use of the Converse and le Sereno mirrors. Made out of beveled mirror glass, these pieces breathe life into a plain wall while also reflecting the light, effectively doubling your light sources, making the room brighter and the furniture appear more prominent.